Long Line Swivels for the Helicopter Industry


Our History

After working for many years as a helicopter mechanic on over 15 different types of helicopters in various operational theaters and countries, I became a supervisor in the Operational Stores of the largest helicopter company in Canada. 

It is there where I learned much about operational equipment and especially sling equipment. It became obvious to me that the industry at that time had no quality swivels  to choose from so I decided to start designing and manufacturing my own.

We have been selling swivels for over 14 years all over the world with much success and have many satisfied customers in the helicopter and also rigging industry.

We listen to our customers and have taken their suggestions to heart. Incorporating their ideas has resulted in the manufacturing of high quality, durable swivels that can withstand the harshest environments and helicopter operations.

Due to popular demand, now available, a clevis end for our electrical swivel compatible with Bambi Bucket and Onboard Systems remote hooks. Eliminate links and bolt on directly.

Now also available: Carousel Control Unit. A fully electronic, solid state, carousel hook switching controller. No moving parts. Fully weather proof. Strong ABS body. See our products page. Full description manual available upon request.

Jack Barzilay